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A cutting-edge treatment without the cutting.

Women with moderate to severe cellulite can now benefit from an exciting new treatment at Magnolia Medical & Aesthetics. We are now offering QWO™, the first FDA-approved injectable treatment designed to eliminate cellulite. 

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QWO in San Antonio! 

Smooth away stubborn cellulite dimples on your rear with easy QWO injections.

What is QWO?

QWO is the first FDA-approved injectable treatment that reduces the appearance of cellulite dimpling in the buttocks. QWO is a combination of naturally occurring collagenases that are injected directly into your cellulite dimples. Once injected, QWO immediately goes to work breaking down types 1 & 3 collagen that cause cellulite dimpling in the buttocks.


During a QWO treatment visit, you will receive a series of injections in your buttocks or thighs. The exact amount of injections will depend on the extent of your cellulite, but for most patients, this is about 12. We recommend a complete treatment of 3 visits spaced 3 weeks apart.

The pricing is for a package of 3. 

Our Clients

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